Friday, July 29, 2011

Going Through My Files...

Here's a portrait I did of biologist Edward O. Wilson for World Watch magazine.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


        Most people in publishing know what a remarque is, but for those who don't: a remarque (pronounced ree-mark) is a small, personalized drawing that an artist adds to a print or book. I do them on the title pages, as most illustrators do.
        Today I did remarques in two sets of The Green Mile for two different collectors, six chapbooks per set. Here's an example:
        Tomorrow I'm doing a remarque in a copy of Rose Madder that a collector has sent me. I'm going to do something more than the small drawing of a rose that I've done in the past: I want to do a viney rose that takes up more of the title page. Later this week I'm remarquing a set of the Dutton paperback chapbooks of The Green Mile for someone else. The paper is very absorbent and will require a different pen than that used on the Subterranean hardback set.
        I'm adding a News & Reviews page to my website. I've just started it. Here's the link: